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HKN Engineering

We are HKN Engineering, since 2016 it is inserted in the national mining industry carrying out engineering, innovation and technology projects. Our main characteristic is to deliver products and services to optimize safety, operation, production and maintenance, having our client's business as the main axis.

  • About Us

    HKN Engineering is an Engineering company specialized in Project Management in control systems and process automation. As a company, we contribute to the development of society by incorporating innovative elements in the areas of project maintenance, automation and commercialization of technological solutions.

  • About Us

    To be a preferred strategic partner in the mining industry, providing support in operational efficiency through technology and innovation, thus contributing to the sustainable growth of the mining business in Chile.

  • About Us

    Values ​​
    Commitment / Quality in the service provided / Transparency / Creativity / Integrity

Nuestro Equipo

  • General Manager
  • Gerencia de Proyecto
  • Gerencia de Finanza e Informática
  • Gerencia de Comercialización
  • Departamento de diseño Industrial
  • Departamento de montaje industrial
  • Departamento de Contabilidad y Finanza
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  • Departamento Servicios

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